Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Best Sister in the World

My Baby Car-Keys turned 21 on Tuesday, December 8. I, being the stupendous brother I am, stayed awake until midnight on Monday so I could be the FIRST to wish her a happy birthday. But this blog is not about my many admirable qualities. They are about Carly's innumerable ones. So, because I couldn't ever think of all the reasons I love Carly I thought of my top seven reasons...
The Top Seven Reasons I Love Carly
  1. I mean, because "she's Carly." Need I say more?
  2. Carly includes me in her life. She calls and asks my opinion on anything from her writing, what to wear, or whether she should make out with someone or not... lol and generally (because she has such fabulous taste) we agree.
  3. We almost always agree because we are SO similar. I loooooove that. We both love: Movies, Musicals, learning, traveling, languages, talking, flirting, GLEE, being social butterflies, and many other things; we both detest: science, dumb/flaky people, and bad friends.
  4. Carly is intelligent, independent, and confident. She is proud of who she is and unapologetic for her flaws because that is part of what makes her Carly. She doesn't allow other people to dictate how she acts, and throughout the years I have been able to absorb some of her confidence. For that I am extremely grateful.
  5. Carly sympathized with me when I transitioned from home schooling to Gull Lake. She allowed me to vent and be angsty and didn't try to force me to see the wrong that was inside of me. She let me discover that for myself, a far more effective lesson.
  6. When Carly finally discovered that science was her antithesis she left wretched KAMSC (and all those WEIRD boys she "dated"- I love weirdness too, but they were just... whew) and she pursued her true talent of writing. Carly is not afraid of trying new things or the prospect of failure. She puts herself out their and that is why she has seen such success.
  7. WARNING: May sound cliche, but.... Carly has the most unique relationship with Jesus. Carly is the opposite of legalistic, yet she isn't a hippie. She is tolerant, without being "liberal." But most of all she loves to love. AND THAT is why she is so easy to love.

Sorry this was not posted ON your birthday, but it is still your "birthday week" so it is not technically late. :) All my love, Sissy.

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