Sunday, August 23, 2009

My BooBoo

I am going to write because I feel like it. It isn’t a deep part of who I am [writing] I just want to do it. My life is going to be very different than it ever has been before… very soon. I have owned a horse for over two years. His name is Wrigley, and I have been a slave to this precious animal for as long as he has been mine. We have been an absolute success together and I am extremely proud of everything we have accomplished together. But I am selling him. He has sold. I think it is mutual… he would have sold me too. I was an obnoxious, over-zealous, unpredictable, teenage owner. But he was a passionate, intense, hard-working partner and we worked. We worked HARD. I have never put more of myself into something in my entire life. So I am selling a part of myself to a stranger in Marquette (453 miles/8 hours from Kalamazoo). There are many different reasons why, some legit and some not. Either way it feels like the right thing to do. I am going through with it, not without my qualms either (because I am very nervous) but just because. Is that okay? Wrigs is my friend and my "baby boy" too. But he is going to be good for Kathy and it will be good for me to try new things (and new horses). Anyway, I am going to go ride my booboo. It is going to be a good ride.

And this is only one of many changes taking place...................................... eeek

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  1. I know this is tough. You may second guess yourself up till the last minute and beyond. But Wrigley will take good care of his new person and selling him will open up all sorts of new opportunities for you.